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    I am in the market for the LiveJasmin cam script to create my own adult website. I have found the one from the WPS but it does not look really great and also I have read on the other forum that it does not work as it should. There is also but it is too pricey and just a one search on the Google ( review) will make you stay clear of them for good. So is there anything good and that can be used without worrying that it breaks your sh1t one day.

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    Well, I have no experience with any of these scripts but I have heard pretty much the same things about them so it has to be true, at least to some extent. Personally, I like the tube themes from the WS and you can get good results with them but their cam plugins leave much to be desired.

    However, I can recommend you in all honesty RoboScripts which has been around for more than five years. It gets new releases regularly and it also comes with a very good support that is crucial if you do not know how to code aka you can not fix any errors yourself. I have built dozens of sites with the RS and they are ranking very well. It is not like you set up the page, you are done with doing any work and now you are collecting the affiliate commission, you need to do the SEO but you also need a well written script that loads fast and is user friendly to get high rankings.

    I have the whole post dedicated to how to start your own cam website step by step so everyone can do this without any difficulties:

    How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50

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    I still have the copy of the Econfirmpro cam plugin but I don’t think I’m going to ever use it again considering that it has been abandoned completely by the Econfirmpro some time ago. There have been so many scripts that closed the shop like this in my five year old affiliate career and now I rather pay more and go with the more trustworthy option. What I like about the Robo is that you can pull feeds from like five different programs and mix them together in one place.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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