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    John Doe

    Hello again! The subject of this message is because I have a problem with my ads in my adult website. I have account in crak and use the code of the banner of each offer that I choce. And I put the code in the Advertising section of my theme Retrotube, in each space for that and save. When I go to my page don’t appear any advertising and seems don’t exist that space. So, where is the problem? I know I´m not the only who use Retrotube. How you put your ads in your website. Thanks for your time and your answers.

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    Well, for sure you are not the only one using this theme. I have it installed on most of my adult tubes, so I think that I would not exaggerate if I would say that there are thousands of affiliates using it.

    You are obviously not entering the correct code for your advertising. Here is the article that explains to you how to create one yourself: Skim to the How to place ads without an ad code heading for the information. You will need to enter your affiliate link that you want to use in the URL of Advertiser field and the link to your banner in the Path / Location of Banner Image field.

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    John Doe

    Hi again! Thanks for your answer, problem solved!
    But I have a few answers for you mate 😀
    1.- What you think about the hiding advertising? (like when you click some place in the page and opens a new tab)
    2.- What you think about the plugins for detection of ad-blockers?
    3.- Exist advertising that pays just to appear on the screen? (No email registration, only appear and user watch it. And what you think about it?)
    4.- Can you give us some a example of any page that you manage? (I want to see if I’m on the right track)

    Thanks for your answers and time, Mr. Adult Affiliate. Thanks for all!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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