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    I’m working an a personal project (porn tube using WordPress). I’m interested by WP-Scripts but I need your feedback!

    1. WPS Mass Embedder:
    a) I see on the presentation video that if I select Pornhub fromthe dropdown, you can select a only one category OR (not AND!) type key words. But if you go on Hubtraffic, on the Export tab, you can extract videos using keywords AND one or more categories. So Hubtraffic allows you to have better results… I don’t get it why we can not combine keywords and categories with WP Scripts?
    b) Does it create automatically categories and tags in WordPress, based on categories associated of each imported video?

    2. The theme
    a) What’s the best theme from WP-Scripts? I like Ultimatube because it’s clean and modern but Retrotube seems to display more ads?
    b) Can I create a child theme to customize the layout of each page? I’m a frontend dev, so it’s be easy for me, but I don’t know if we can use a child theme with the WP-Script’s theme.

    3) The support
    I’m really worried the support. I haven’t bought anything from them, but I have sent them some technical questions on May 1st, and I’m still waiting for a response (today it’s May 21st).

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    I forget other import questions:

    4) Which player do you recommand? WPS Player, KenPlayer or the default embed iframe of each sponsors?
    5) Does WPS Mass Embedder import videos legally? I mean, does it “steal” videos directly from Pornhub, or does it use the Hubtraffic’s Export/API with our own partner ID?

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    I can answer point 4. It uses embed codes from the site it pulls the video from. Perfectly fine and legal.

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    Thanks Ian for your feedback about the point 4. 🙂

    I hope someone could help me for the other questions!

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    No support! They scripts are very good but but not supported. I have more than 3 opened ticket from April. No responses. Im finally trying to fix bymyself
    Good Luck

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    That a very bad news….

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    I would like to have your feedback MrAdultAffiliate 🙂

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    From what I noticed, he is usually not replying during weekends. Maybe his girlfriend keeps him busy. 🙂

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    I dont know what to do then…

    Should buy for $116:
    – WPS Mass Embedder – 1 Site $44
    – WPS Player – 1 Site $24
    – WPS Checker – 1 Site $24
    – RetroTube – 1 Site $24
    … but without any support (high risked!), even in French!

    Or should I build my own theme+import system for $188:
    – WP All Import (ACF Import Package) – $139
    – ACF Pro – $49
    …then build my own theme, add option for ads… but that’s a fcking big stuff to do.
    …and in this way, I’ll be limited to Hubtraffic because I dont want to waste my time on building everything from scratch…

    I’m lost and disappointed.

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    And also check regulary for deleted videos, run cron…

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