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    Hello Mr Adult Affiliate

    I would like your opinion on something I have been thinking about:

    When I think about it, it seems the age group more likely to be interested in webcams is 40 to 50 year olds.
    If reddit is generally a 20 to 30 year olds social media tool, which platform would you recommend for trying to reach the older men willing to pay for webcam models?

    Thank you in advance

    Kind regards,

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    You haven’t been paying attention. The focus should be on organic traffic, not social traffic. That’s where the real dough is.

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    I once met the one owner of a webcam site at the adult industry party, it is not the popular one but it makes millions of dollars each month. However, he sold it not a long time ago and he is now retired.

    He obviously had access to all extensive statistics that affiliates could only dream of and he told me that the vast majority of cam spenders are above the age of forty.

    There are a very few guys that are in their twenties that spend large chunks of money on cam models, but there are exceptions to this for sure.

    So the whales are mostly older men and it seems logical since they have got more free time, they have accumulated wealth over all the years and obviously it is very hard for them to get these hot girls in real life, so they throw a lot of tips on the live sites.

    Now, most of the Reddit user base are people between the age of 18 and 25 and only a small percentage of older males and they all are very tech savvy, as I have read reports, which does not make up for a good demographic to make money with cams.

    You should focus more on the search engine traffic that brings the biggest spenders. You will need to load up your site frequently with a great content and get quality links. Of course, it is how you do this in a very simplified way and for more information you should visit these posts:

    The Ultimate Guide To SEO For New Adult Webmasters

    How can you do SEO on a adult site?

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    Simon @ WPAdult

    @Mr Adult Affiliate Thanks for the insight. Great info!

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