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    I am kinda surprised that there are topics about all different adult affiliate programs, but there is none about the biggest network which is CrakRevenue. I want to post my short review of them and some of you might find it helpful, at least I hope so.

    I joined them two years ago after reading one of the blog posts on this forum and I’m thankful to MRA that he recommended them to me because they turned out to be a very nice sponsor and now I earn a very nice income from promoting their offers.

    I knew that they manually approve accounts so I was very cautious when filling out my application and I followed the advice from here and I got accepted in two days. If you have got sites that get some traffic and you show them that you are serious and worth working with them, they will give you a green light, I am an example of that.

    Not only CrakRevenue has got a plethora of premium offers, you will find the live cam deals, also dating ones and about every other adult and even mainstream verticals that you can imagine, but they also have got great tools to use and actually knowledgable managers. I have assigned Raphaël to my account and he is very helpful and can give you tips on which sites will convert best with your current traffic.

    To be honest their smart link system is really amazing and you should sign up with them for this alone. Thanks to this, I am getting some occasional sales from less converting countries like India or Russia and it works like charm with any kind of websites, be it a tube, so definitely a must test for adult affiliates.

    I had a one negative situation with them. They suspended my account one day but they quickly restore it and explained to me that it was a pure mistake (their system flagged me for no reason) and apologized to me.

    Another great thing about CrakRevenue is that you can promote thousands of various products and you do not have to sign up for all sites, you just promote them in one place and get one revenue, which is very convenient.

    Also, having the PayPal for the quick payment method is a small bonus and sometimes I use it if I want to get some cash faster than usually.

    They are my number one choice for offers and clearly the best performing adult CPA network out there. I made almost 50.000 dollars this year and I have got only three websites that I manage and thinking about building new ones.

    If you follow MrAdultAffiliate’s advice which is golden on building websites, you work hard every day, you can make more than I do and I wish that everyone.

    I hope that others will share their reviews too and I want to thank MrAA for his amazing work that he does on here and I am sure that joining the Crak with his link help with the approval process.

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    Honestly, I did not expect to see such an informative review today. I am very happy that I am able to help you in one way or another and now that you have got some success going on, I hope that you will share some more knowledge with users 🙂

    Here are two links that explain how to get approved by the CrakRevenue team at the first attempt:

    How to get accepted as a CrakRevenue affiliate quickly?

    Crakrevenue approval

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    Congratulations on your successful journey! 50k a year is good money in my country. May I ask what type of sites are those three that you talk about? Blogs, tubes, etc

    I also have another question: do you build backlinks for those sites? This is a pain in the ass for me, I do not want to do backlinks at all, I have never done it. And I know a webmaster who has a porn site with no backlinks, and he still makes good money with it.

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    I have got currently two tube sites built on the WordPress with the help of the MRA articles and a one adult dating blog. I am about to create new ones and keep scoring.

    When I have got very little traffic, in the first weeks, I do the SEO on the videos and posts and in the meantime, I promote my stuff on Twitter and Reddit to get some visitors. I create backlinks from adult forums and I also contact webmasters that have got a similar amount of visits to exchange links. It works for me well so far.

    If he does not have got any backlinks and he still does well, then he probably runs a niche site with not many competitors so he does not need much or any of them.

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    i have heard many good reviews about them but i still haven’t tried them since i have been an adult affiliate for just five weeks now. i’m going to sign up tonight and see how it goes.

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    My experience with the Crak is really good and I have been recommended to join them by the MRA himself on the other thread while I was looking for the AdSense adult alternative and I am happy that I did it. I have only three new websites and I get leads every day and the revenue is steadily growing. I have to say that besides their premium offers, I love their stats reporting system that is second to none and it even shows the country, EPC, device that you get the sales from. They also have got a dedicated support team that will help you maximize your profits and they offer quick PayPal payments which are perfect for me since I am mostly doing mainstream affiliate marketing.

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    Congratulations Jakseeg. Its good money, keep working mate!
    I need help. I have 1 crakrevenue account for multiples website. How do you manage to find what website converting, how to show stats for only one site? All seems to be merged and confusing me.
    Thank you

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    You can add to your source to tracking link and you can do this on the offer page and then look for the “Link Customization” tab and then click on the field “Add source to your tracking link” and there you can put something like your site name so MrAdultAffiliate and save it.

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    Thank you very much. Going to try it

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