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    I would earn more money daily by walking around the neighbor and picking up pennies than with endless hours, maintenance, hosting costs, struggling with scripts/themes/plugins, domain shit set ups, picking/choosing excellent sounding names and then spending half the fucking day curating perfected content tailored to my niche to earn literally nothing over time.

    Seriously, it’s more profitable to find loose change on the floor than breaking your back/mind in this business.

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    The only people who “easily succeed” here are those who get lucky and/or had excellent connections/resources/means.

    Never heard of even a single success story of, “I turned my zero penny, endless effort niche in to well profitable returns.”

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    But all websites sadly are like this.

    If you don’t have the big money, big connections/networking ability or persuasion/con artist superiority then I can’t picture any startup going anywhere more than maybe 5-10 dollars a year with 300+ hours of work/struggle.

    Seriously it’s very debatable whether it’s worth listening to any of these “gurus” including the one who runs this website in particular. You might as well give people advice on how to talk a walk around their neighborhood/any nearby ponds or wells and scoop out loose change/coins as that will provide much more satisfactory financial returns.

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    Very Nice Information to create backlinks for adult website

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    Hello, what happens, how do I get a blacklist for my website, so I gain more visits, it is a porn website ?

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    If you want them for free then your choice is fairly limited. You can get some do follow links on related adult sites by exchanging or try some forums, but add some valuable posts first.

    You could build some blogs on blogger, tumblr or other free platforms, but obviously, you should get them on a paid hosting if you can afford it, because you can totally control them.

    I have created thirty small blogs for link proposes, but I still update them once in a while and it costs me over $50 a month to maintain them, but it is definitely worth it judging by the SEO results and the profits.

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Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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