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    I have seen your article and it is bombarded with information.
    I have read and it is so confusing , one you told to use the word-press but the robo-scripts does not offer wp-tubescripts. and i have the additional 2 tools according to your article.

    Please advise a good manual which we can follow and can build.

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    What part of the article is confusing to you? I just outlined the two best types of adult sites you can run these days. If you want to create a tube, then just follow this post: https://mradultaffiliate.com/how-to-start-a-porn-site-and-make-money/ and it has all the information you need.

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    Thank you Mr AA , last night i was able to use the tool to build my own website:
    WP-script theme-retrotube and WP-script mass em-bedder.

    I got approved on crak revenue too, just looking and learning things.
    I want to know, as we cannot use google adwords for SEO. Can you tell me or refer to any article which says specific about the SEO for adult websites.
    I have a chosen a specific niche about my website. Thats why.
    and one more thing, does tags are very important for your website ?

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    just a few days ago I have given links to most comprehensive SEO topics and posts I have here: https://mradultaffiliate.com/topic/seo-book-recommendation/ Tags can bring some traffic, if you use them wisely (you do not spam them and do not duplicate them) but your main focus should be on the content and backlinks, it is where the SEO matters the most.

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    Hi MR AA,
    Thank you for the information.
    can you give any suggestions for driving traffic to the website within couple of days?
    and also can you please give me feedback for my website which is: gaycompilation.com

    I don’t know I have some issue using retrotube theme, it has a very slow response time.


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    I think that your slow page load times are due to too many requests aka ads. You should reduce the number of them and you might host them on your servers and that will help you with this issue. I use this theme for many adult sites and I can assure you that it is not the cause of the problem.

    You definitely have lots of work to be done. You do not change the titles, they are copied so there is very little or no uniqueness on it, so Google might not give you any good rankings. Also, it looks a general tube, you should focus on a one niche and it will be easier to get traffic and earn some money as there is less competition.

    General Tube Site Vs. Adult Niche Site: Which Is Better And Why?

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    Rock Avery

    Hello Again sir, we are going to launch our new tube and subscription with our own exclusive and unique content, we need an adult business consultant to do a feasibility study. Can you help?

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    I have never run a membership site myself, I have always been an affiliate so I think that I could not help you much.

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    If at all possible, is shared hosting good enough for running a tube site?

    I’ll be using WP Script and their Mass Embedder, so no hosting my own videos.

    If this question has already been answered, please provide a link so I can read it over.


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    You can start off with the basic plan and you will upgrade once your site gets bigger. If it a good host that does not oversell their servers, then you might host a few tubes on it.

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